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Consultancy Services / SIAO LTD

SIAO Group brings years of experience in the world of technology and business consultancy. We know the most effective ways to help companies minimize costs while maximizing performance and innovation. We fully understand the business and the needs of our clients, and ensure the quality of the results we deliver.

Financial Technology / SIAO LTD

SIAO LTD is a leading provider of cloud-based business management software. We offer a variety of services and solutions tailored to the financial services industry. Our technology helps brokers optimize their offering, minimize risk, and improve efficiency.


SIAO Int. Hong Kong, is part of the SIAO Group, which owns real estate, assets, and also has an import/export division through its strong network of business partners, is able to provide clients with the top level service for all their international trade needs.

What's Your Big Idea? / Tell Us About It

Do you have an interesting investment concept, invention, or idea that would require investment capital to get started? If so, we’d like to hear more about it. Currently we are providing seed capital to finance innovative and creative business ventures.

Leverage Our Years of Experience

Our Expertise Allows Us To Offer Unique, Well Tailored International Solutions.

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The Ultimate All-In-One Business Solution

Tailor-made services to build, market, and grow your startup.

Business Modeling
We help our clients develop a clear and concise business model that addresses customer needs and communicates a compelling value proposition.
Technology Roadmap
We can help you plan the roadmap for your technological ecosystem and resources over the next decades to ensure you strategically cultivate the right resources.
Strategy Consulting
We are startup business generalists. Understanding that many challenges and complexities arise at anytime, We are here to provide actionable solutions.
Investor Relations
We engages with companies in their very early stages.Focus is on seed and angel investments in the form of convertible notes or Pre-Series an equity investment.
Professional Services
We brings years of experience in internet startups. We know the most effective ways to help companies minimize costs while maximizing performance and innovation.
Open Innovation
We are constantly looking for talented professionals. We help you ways to collaborate closely with your regional institutions and established flagship industries.

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Established in 2014 SIAO Group provides consultancy solutions including financial service, Trading platform solutions and innovative high demand software in financials sector to large and small entities all around the universe.

Humble Beginnings

SIAO Group service offers corporate and individual clients tailor made solutions including consulting for investment opportunities in technology, operations and business development. Our clients’ satisfaction entitle our position as a premier, first class global consulting.

A Simple Philosophy

We distinguish our business consulting services from those of our competitors based on the experience of our consultants, our proprietary investment technology, culture of risk management and our investment research. In addition, we are also characterized by our unique service delivery model.

Commitment To Quality

SIAO Service has diverse backgrounds with 13 year experience in financial technology industry. We provide consulting service through a dedicated team with specialized support provided by departments within SIAO Service.

Boutique Business Consulting Firm

We are a team of technology and business consultants, specializing in optimizing and developing custom made business processes and training for EU and international startups.

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Cyprus Office

1, Mourouzi Street, Georgia Court,
2nd Floor, Office 201 & 202,
4001 Mesa Yitonia, Limassol - Cyprus

Hong Kong Office

Suite 1001-2 Albion Plaza
2-6 Granville Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, KL

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